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An efficient program that can be used for cleaning Windows registry
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One of the main reasons for which your computer gets slow is that Windows registry database “gathers” too many bad or invalid entries. In this case, it is recommended that you use a registry cleaner in order to remove them, and optimize the performance of your computer. One efficient solution is provided by Clean My Registry. It will scan Windows registry database, return a list of invalid entries, and prompt you to take the necessary actions (deleting, fixing, etc.)

Clean My Registry comes with all the necessary tools to keep Windows registry in a good state. Although a lot of other similar programs are available, there is one special feature that this program has to offer. It includes a registry monitoring tool that will keep track of any changes that occur in Windows registry while installing or uninstalling software. This is an effective way to constantly maintain Windows registry clean of invalid entries.

A thing I didn't like about Clean My Registry is its graphical interface. It took me a while to understand its functionality. Anyway, this is compensated by the program’s ability to take registry snapshots. It is helpful because this way you are able to compare current registry data with a previous snapshot.

Clean My Registry has its qualities and its flaws, but I consider it to be a good solution for repairing Windows registry database.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fast registry scan
  • Optimizes the performance of your computer


  • Lack of settings
  • Difficult to grasp user-interface
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